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Nindies Showcase Articles

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[The Wire] Nindies Showcase Coming This Wednesday

Nintendo has announced a new Nindies Showcase, or Nintendo Direct focused on indies will be taking place this Wednesday, August 30th. You’ll be able to tune in and see the…

Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase 2017 Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct Recap – Nindies Showcase 2.28.17

Nintendo’s “Nindies Showcase” Nintendo Direct just wrapped up a short while ago. This particular Nintendo Direct was emceed by Damon Baker, Sr. Manager of Partner Management at Nintendo. It was…

Shakedown Hawaii Header

Nindies Showcase – Shakedown: Hawaii First on Nintendo Switch

As part of the Nindies Showcase, studio vBlank revealed their next title, a spiritual successor to their famed Retro City Rampage, Shakedown: Hawaii will arrive first on Nintendo Switch. Shakedown: Hawaii brings the parody action to…

Runner 3 Switch

Nindies Showcase – Switch Exclusive Runner 3 Announced

As part of the Nintendo Switch indie showcase Choice Provisions, developer of the BIT.TRIP series of games, have announced that their rhythm-based platforming sequel Runner 3 will be coming exclusively to…

Wargroove title

[Updated]Nindies Showcase – Wargroove Announced

Update: Chucklefish Games has confirmed that Wargroove will NOT be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and will be coming to PC and other platforms as per their CEO on Twitter Wargroove is indeed…

Stardew Valley Celebration

[Updated] Nindies Showcase – Stardew Valley Multiplayer On Switch Before PS4 and Xbox One

Update: Stardew Valley’s Nintendo Switch version will not be launching with multiplayer as reported by PC Gamer. Although it will be the first console to get multiplayer, the feature is expected to arrive…