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Lawbreakers Boss Leagues All Star Blitz

LawBreakers All-Star Update Adds Competitive, New Maps, & More

LawBreakers has had a big content drop which announced a competitive mode, a new map & a new map variant, and a whole bunch of other goodies according to a…

Lawbreakers Weapons Available

LawBreakers Is Having A Free Weekend On Steam 9/28-10/02

LawBreakers, the first person shooter where gravity is less of a hard rule and more of a suggestion, will be having a free weekend on Steam from Thursday, September 28,…

LawBreakers Review Occupy

LawBreakers Patch 1.4 Changes Health Mechanics, Adds New Map

LawBreakers has released Patch 1.4 which brings some changes to health mechanics and adds a new map. The developers of LawBreakers have decided that players are dying a bit too quickly…