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Lawbreakers Update Namsan

LawBreakers Bringing Team Deathmatch and New Map in September

LawBreakers, the low gravity arena FPS from Boss Key Productions that I liked quite a bit, has been having some trouble finding its footing during its launch period. Steam player…

LawBreakers Review Header

LawBreakers Review – Cliffhanger

When the first person shooter was born, your Nazi/Demon/Giant Smiley-fighting character was restricted to walking down set corridors and firing right in front of them. Later shooters would open up…

Riders of Icarus Rangers Fury

Ranger Class To Be Added to Riders of Icarus In Next Update

Riders of Icarus‘ latest update will bring to the game its first ranged physical damage dealer: the Ranger. The update, suitably titled “Ranger’s Fury“, will roll out the 15th of…

Riders of Icarus Rift of the Damned

Riders of Icarus Surpasses 1m Western Players; New Update Next Week

WeMade, developers of Riders of Icarus, managed to do something that few game companies were able to do in the last few years: introduce a new, interesting mechanic in an…

Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus is an MMORPG developed by WeMade and published by Nexon America. It is focused on mounted combat and allows players to tame mounts at their heart’s content.

Riders of Icarus 1 e1470344911609

WeMade announces PvP content for Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus is still in beta. As such, it still lacks some of the features that mark the MMORPG genre. One of the elements that are not currently available…

Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus Receives Major Update Blight of the Frost Keep

Riders of Icarus has been in beta for a month now and it was received largely positively. This new MMORPG puts mount collecting and mounted combat in the spotlight while…

LawBreakers Logo

Raptor Giveaway – LawBreakers Alpha

Arena shooters are all about movement. They’re about knowing the map, finding power weapons, and staying one step ahead of whatever rocket projectile is barreling towards you.¬†LawBreakers takes this rule…

Riders of Icarus header e1469131645306

Riders of Icarus Preview – Wind In Your Hair

There are many MMORPGs out there, and every one of them has something peculiar about it. Players prefer one over another because they like a particular mechanic, or the setting…