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eon altar

Eon Altar Brings Couch Co-op to PC

Eon Altar is an episodic multiplayer RPG now available on Steam from Flying Helmet Games. The game integrates smartphones as controllers to create a unique local co-op experience not usually…

total extreme wrestling 2016

Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 Has Been Released

For an eternity, it seemed like the PC was beneath the notice of pro wrestling, and only recently have we started to see WWE licensed games make their way to…

Gabriel Knight1

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Release

Long ago, there was an era where games were not all about shooting quickest or going between constant cut scenes – instead they were games with stories and puzzles that…

TitanfallReveal e1374628125877

Titanfall Release Date Announced

Titanfall, the all new debut game from developer Respawn Entertainment, got its release date today. Announced for release on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, the game will hit shelves…