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Nintendo Switch Seller

UPDATED: Nintendo Reclaims Leaked and Possibly Stolen Switch

UPDATE: A Nintendo representative has come out and released a statement declaring that the individuals that claimed to have gotten early access to Nintendo Switch consoles from unspecified retailers are…

No Mans Sky

Everything to Know About the No Man’s Sky Data Mine

No Man’s Sky is the new big popular space simulation that everyone is talking about and it has face its fair share of criticism after its console release, and then even…

the gloves 480

Is It So Bad? Sony Patents Glove Controller

Patents unearthed by sleuthing from user Rösti on Neogaf have revealed Sony Corporation’s interest in developing a glove-based controller technology. Beating out the three year gap between release of the Move and the Wii, this…


Details of GTA V on PS4 leaked – Rockstar confirms next gen release dates

A NeoGAF user who goes by the name of  ‘The Shogun‘ has leaked details of GTA V on PS4 from a closed door GameStop Manager’s Conference in Anaheim.