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From BioWare to Blue Bottle – The Story of Daniel Fedor, Developer of NEO Scavenger and Upcoming Ostranauts

I first picked up survival RPG NEO Scavenger from a Humble Weekly Sale in 2014. After a few hours playing, I regretted not paying full price for it, even if…


NEO Scavenger Developer Announces Noir Spaceship-Life Sim Ostranauts

NEO Scavenger is a roguelike survival RPG set in a post-apocalyptic science fiction universe. It has typical post-disaster elements such as infected zombie-like people, but also several weird beasts and…


NEO Scavenger Review – Harsh But Fair

Y’know, maybe we’ve had things a little too good in our post-apocalyptic wastelands of recent. In every Fallout game you start with a PipBoy, some sort of weapon and at…