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Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback is the twenty third installment in the popular and long-running Need for Speed racing game series. Following 2015’s reboot of the franchise simply entitled Need for…

Need for Speed Payback Review Gameplay

Need for Speed Payback Getting Changes to Progression System

Yesterday EA made the surprising move to temporarily suspend microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2 amid heated feedback from the community, but it looks like another game is getting some…

Need for Speed Payback Review Header

Need for Speed Payback Review – Asleep at the Wheel

Any franchise burdened with a yearly release cycle is going to suffer. Outside of simple roster updates and virtual puzzle books, a game takes more than twelve months to fully…

E3 Blank EA

EA E3 2017 – Conference Recap

Taking a page out of Sony’s book from their conference last year, EA opened their E3 2017 press conference with a musical number. However, unlike Sony, EA didn’t bring out…

Need for Speed Beetle Resurrection

EA E3 2017: Need for Speed Payback

Jesse Wellens @Jessewelle who became famous for his YouTube antics, joined EA´s Executive Producer, Marcus Nilsson at EA Live to show off the next Need for Speed game: Need for Speed…

E3 Blank EA

EA Needs To Show Us Something We Don’t Already Know to Win E3 2017

The force will be strong with Electronic Arts at E3 this year—expect there to be major showcase of their Star Wars license. EA is very easy to predict in this… kc OcOduEx0

Need For Speed Payback Title and Release Date Reveal

Back in early May, we got our first hints of a new Need for Speed title that would arrive by the end of 2017. This morning the full reveal of…