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NECROPOLIS Review – Grind Souls

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the full release of NECROPOLIS. I’d played the demo twice, once at GenCon2015 and once at PAX Prime, and both times it…

Necropolis Harebrained Schemes

Future Plans for Necropolis, Patch 1.02 Launched

On July 20, 2016, Harebrained Schemes posted this announcement on their Steam page, concerning updates and improvements for their dungeon crawler Necropolis. Necropolis, which released earlier this month, has had…

Necropolis HairbrainedSchemes

Necropolis Delayed, Coming to Consoles

Indie studio Hairbrained Schemes upcoming co-op RPG, Necropolis, is getting a delay.  According to a press release posted on Steam, Hairbrained Schemes is delaying the titles release to the Summer…

Necropolis Preview

Necropolis gets a release date and co-op

Harebrained Scheme, the development company known for the recent Shadowrun computer games and the upcoming PlayStationVR title Golem, have announced the release date for their newest game Necropolis. Necropolis is a third person…


PAX East 2015: Roguelike Ramble

As someone who covers games in 2015, I’m really glad that I enjoy rougelikes. Not just because of how ubiquitous they are, but because of how modern technology is allowing…

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HBS – Shadowrun and Necropolis

Hairbrained Schemes has had a pretty decent run since the relatively okay release of Shadowrun Returns: Dead Man’s Switch and the even better Dragonfall. For a company with no real…