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harvest moon

Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Coming To PS4, Switch, And PC

The newest entry into the acclaimed series, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will be coming to Steam, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch in 2017. This title will be the first ever…

Wild Guns Reloaded

Wild Guns: Reloaded Review – Refreshing Remake Revenge

If you were just perusing screenshots, you might be fooled into thinking that Wild Guns: Reloaded is just another in an endless string of remasters and HD upgrades, but it’s much more than…

WildGunsReloaded Final

Wild Guns Reloaded Releases on PS4 on December 20th

The sequel to the criminally underplayed arcade shoot-em-up Wild Guns will be releasing both a digital and physical copy in North America and Europe on December 20th according to Natsume. Wild Guns…

E3 2016 General Preview Image

Pre-E3 2016 Roundup 6/8 – The Smaller Storm Before the Big Storm

2016’s E3 is getting closer and closer, but it seems we’re getting some announcements and game reveals earlier than expected. Square Enix and Ubisoft both had some big news to…

June2 HMSeedsOfMemoriesLogo

Harvest Moon now on Android

Earlier this year Harvest Moon made its mobile debit on the App Store and finally Android users are getting some of the farming simulator love. Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories has recently…