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TSM Keeps Their Crown in the Spring NA LCS

Fans of the League Championship Series were treated to the rematch of the century as Team Solomid and Cloud 9 met again at the NA LCS Finals. Both teams gave it…

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NA LCS Week 1 Round-Up

It’s been only one week since the LCS began, yet we’ve already seen just how strong these teams can utilize their combinations and judgement. This will briefly cover each game…

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League of Legends Championship Series 2015: Cloud 9

With the North American League of Legends Championship (Or LCS ) series coming up soon, as well as fantasy LCS now being completely up and running thanks to Riot taking…

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League of Legends Championship Series 2015: Gravity Gaming

The North American League of Legends Championship Series kicks off with ten teams competing to go to the 2015 World Championships.  Among those ten, is a team coming in with…


The NA LCS Expansion Tournament Has Finished

The NA LCS Expansion tournament ended this weekend with Team Coast and Curse Academy qualifying for this year’s NA LCS.  This tournament marked the NA LCS’s growth from eight teams…


NA LCS Expansion Round 3 Breakdown

This week we have the NA LCS Expansion Tournament coming to a close. Four teams will be competing for a spot in the finals and later to take their team…