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Google to MPAA: First Amendment Does Not Shield You From Discovery

For years, Google has been in a fight with Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood. Hood seemed to be on a crusade against Google over the company’s alleged promotion of piracy…

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Popcorn Time May Not Be Dead After All

If you’re at all familiar with streaming movies or televisions shows online, there’s no doubt you have at one point in time run across Popcorn Time. The program, which has…


MPAA Argues Privacy Laws Protect Pirates

The MPAA has submitted a statement to the United States Trade Representative detailing what it considers the biggest concerns when doing business in other countries. It seems that the MPAA…

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MPAA Seeks to Expand Site Blocking Through Court Order

The MPAA is seeking a court order to force domain name registrars, hosting providers, and payment processors to block and filter a site called MovieTube, essentially erasing the site from…

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The Movie Industry vs Goliath: The Conspiracy to Take Down Google

The news story I recently wrote about a corrupt attorney general conspiring with the MPAA to take down Google has certainly caught the interest of our readers. Although the emails…

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Attorney General Conspires with Corrupt Media to Pressure Google

For years, Google has been in a bitter fight against Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood. The reason? Hood claims that Google is aiding in online piracy because sites which have…