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gigantic shutdown

Gigantic Will Officially Shut Down In July, Final Update Now Available

Last November, publisher Perfect World Entertainment announced it had laid off a large majority of its subsidiary Motiga Games, the developer behind the free-to-play MOBA title Gigantic. A skeleton crew…

Gigantic Airship Supplies Giveaway TechRaptor 1920x1080

Gigantic Airship Supplies Mass Giveaway (10,000 Codes)

Out of necessity, there is usually a break between the massive code blowouts we do every so often. There just aren’t enough massive giveaway opportunities¬†to go around. July has proven…

Gigantic ClosedBeta Giveaway TechRaptor 10000

Raptor Giveaway – Gigantic Closed Beta (10,000 Keys)

Happy Thursday everyone! We’re back one day early because a giveaway this massive couldn’t wait until the end of the week. We’re teaming up with the crew over at Motiga¬†Games…