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gigantic shutdown

Gigantic Will Officially Shut Down In July, Final Update Now Available

Last November, publisher Perfect World Entertainment announced it had laid off a large majority of its subsidiary Motiga Games, the developer behind the free-to-play MOBA title Gigantic. A skeleton crew…

Gigantic Airship Supplies Giveaway TechRaptor 1920x1080

Gigantic Airship Supplies Mass Giveaway (10,000 Codes)

Out of necessity, there is usually a break between the massive code blowouts we do every so often. There just aren’t enough massive giveaway opportunities to go around. July has proven…

Gigantic ClosedBeta Giveaway TechRaptor 10000

Raptor Giveaway – Gigantic Closed Beta (10,000 Keys)

Happy Thursday everyone! We’re back one day early because a giveaway this massive couldn’t wait until the end of the week. We’re teaming up with the crew over at Motiga Games…