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Mother Russia Bleeds Review – Carnage with Comrades

When I was younger, I thought that the Beat ‘Em Up genre was always a bit strange. How come Mike Haggar doesn’t send some teeth flying when he slams a…

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Brutal Beat ’em Up Mother Russia Bleeds, out in September

Developer Le Cartel as well as publisher Devolver Digital have announced that their four-player beat ’em up game, Mother Russia Bleeds will be getting released on September 5th for PC, Mac, and…

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Chat ‘Em Up – Mother Russia Bleeds Interview

Mother Russia Bleeds is an eye-catching game. Drenched in buckets and buckets of blood and coated with a crisp pixel art style, this beat ’em up caught my attention almost immediately.…

E3 2015 SONY

Recap: Sony E3 2015 Conference

Sony started the show with a montage of both first and third party games showing on their curved stage screen. Shawn Layden came out to speak of the PlayStation 4’s…