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Draftkings and Fanduel Join the World of eSports

Last week news broke that ultra popular fantasy sports website Draftkings would be expanding into the world of eSports, more specifically League of Legends. For those unfamiliar, Draftkings is a…

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Kickstarter’s Back 1,980 Game Projects for 2014

Popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter has made a killing in 2014. Today the website released a ton of statistics, profiling what was no doubt a very successful year for Kickstarter. A grand…


Bitcoin: An Overview

Just a few years ago, Bitcoins didn’t exist. Today, they hold a combined worth of over $7 billion. So, what are Bitcoins, how are they worth so much and how…

Google Checkout

Still using Google Checkout? Not for much longer!

That’s right. Google is shutting down its Google Checkout product. Announced six months ago, with a firm date decided on recently. Fortunately, this won’t be as impactful on users as…