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Twitter Adds Monetization to Entice Video Creators

Twitter recently announced new monetization options for users who post video content on the platform. Earlier in the year, Twitter gave shareholders a dismal report which showed the smallest growth…

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YouTube Demonitizes Videos Not Deemed “Advertiser-Friendly”

Terms of Services for a website are a fluid thing. As sites grow and mature, the content of their Terms and Services changes, as does the frequency that they enforce…

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YouTube Launches New Monetization Terms, Allows Browsing Ad-Free for a Monthly Fee

According to an email sent to YouTube Partners, as well as a message visible in the Creator Studio, YouTube has updated their monetization policies and has begun implementing a system…

microsoft studios rules

Microsoft Studios Announces New Monetization Rules

The topic of monetization of live streaming and let’s plays – that is, being paid to generate this type of content – has been a topic of contention for some…