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Overwatch Moira Selkie Skin Vanishing Act Highlight Intro

Moira’s Nerf Was Unintended, Blizzard Says

Moira’s nerf seems to have been an unintentional byproduct of changes to the targeting code in Overwatch according to a post from Lead Engineer Tim Ford on the game’s official forums. Additionally,…

Overwatch Blizzard World Scenery

Visit Blizzard World in Overwatch PTR Update Available Now

The Overwatch PTR has a new patch up that’s brought the Blizzard World map to the masses for testing (alongside some other undocumented changes) according to a blog post on the game’s…

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KekRaptor: Overwatch’s New Hero, Moira, Is Incredibly Overpowered

At Blizzcon 2017, Blizzard unveiled Overwatch’s newest Hero, Moira, a unique healer who basically steals health from enemies and redistributes it among teammates. From a practical standpoint, she would be…