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The Lord of the Swarm is Coming to Battlerite Tomorrow

‘Tis the season to be jolly, as the song goes. What better way to feel jolly than throwing fireballs and arrows at each other in a virtual arena? According to…


Battleborn Winter Update will Unlock all Characters; Adds PS4 Pro Compatibility

Battleborn is an unlucky game. Despite receiving decent review scores all around (including from us at TechRaptor), it failed to hold the players’ interest for very long for a variety…



Battlerite is the spiritual successor of Bloodline Champions. It’s an arena-based PvP brawler where the action is fast, skill is important and fast decision making matters.

Battlerite Winterpatch

Battlerite’s Winter Update Coming Next Week With a New Champion

Battlerite, the PvP arena brawler from Stunlock Studios, just came out from a free weekend and they closed it with a blast. During the free weekend, Battlerite managed to put…

The Exiled, Fairytale Distillery

MMO The Exiled Begins Localization Process Ahead of Final Alpha

German-based development team Fairytale Distillery has begun the localization process for their in-alpha title, The Exiled, localizing the game into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian and German. Led by Alexander…

Battlerite, BattleRekt, Stunlock Studios, Next Generation Esports

“BattleRekt” Tournament Announced by Next Generation Esports

Battlerite development team Stunlock Studios has just announced in a press release that it will be partnering with Next Generation Esports to produce the “BattleRekt” tournament, which starts its preliminary…

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New Battlerite Update Bringing A New Champion

Battlerite, Stunlock Studios’ second chapter in the Bloodline Champions series (currently in Early Access), is receiving a new update, tomorrow November 10th. This update will add a few interesting things…

All the Overwatch News From BlizzCon

BlizzCon has been kind to Overwatch fans. The popular first person shooter game is getting some big support by Blizzard in the form of a new league and gameplay modes, as…


Battlerite Preview – Continuing the Bloodline

Back in 2011, MOBAs were a relatively new thing. Sure, Defense of the Ancients had been around for a while already, but with League of Legends being relatively young, Heroes…

SMASH+GRAB, Steam, United Front Games

United Front Games Opening Refunds For All For SMASH+GRAB

The closure of United Front Games came about just a couple of days ago. They are now offering refunds to anyone who asks on Steam for their latest release SMASH+GRAB,…

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