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Vengeance Review – ‘So, any more subordinates for me to kill?’

I’d like to start this review with a disclaimer. I’m a huge fan of revenge movies. Park Chan-wook is one of my favorite directors. Kill Bill, John Wick—anything related to…


6 Upcoming Exciting Tabletop Games

2018 is going to see some huge new releases in the world of tabletop gaming, as well as some incredible releases and updates for already established products. This is my…

Time of Legends Header

Crowdfunding Spotlight – Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc was far and away the best new game that we saw at Gen Con 2017.  The game’s Kickstarter started earlier this month, and it…

X Wing Wave 4 header

X-Wing Wave 4: Rebel Perspective

With the arrival of Wave Four, the X-Wing Community seems to have been reinvigorated. The four new ships (Z-95 Headhunter, E-Wing, TIE Defender, and TIE Phantom) have brought a variety…

Tantive IV Header

Run the Blockade with the Tantive IV! [X-Wing Miniatures Review]

Continuing Fantasy Flight Games’ Rebel domination of huge ship releases, the iconic blockade runner that is the Tantive IV was released. This corvette totes a huge amount of firepower as…

Wedge Anitlles Header

X Gonna Give It To Ya: Wedge Antilles

Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing Miniatures game offers a wide variety of different ships and pilots, making it difficult for people to always know what to fly or how to combat them.…