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Metroid Samus Returns Review Header

Metroid: Samus Returns Review – In Her Prime

Samus Aran has been in retirement. It’s not only been seven years since her last major game (the controversial Metroid: Other M) but also nearly twice as long since her…

metroid fusion remake

Metroid: Samus Returns Post-Credits Scene Possibly Teases A Metroid Fusion Remake

Metroid: Samus Returns recently released the Nintendo 3DS and is a remake of the Game Boy game Metroid II: Return of Samus. It’s been met with some pretty good reviews,…

Metroid Samus Returns 2

Metroid: Samus Returns Amiibo Needed for Fusion Difficulty And More

Nintendo’s amiibo have always walked a line between the pure toys to life products like Disney Infinity, being downloadable content, and serving as collector figurines for Nintendo’s iconic characters. The downloadable…

raiders header

Raiders of the Broken Planet announced by MercurySteam

Castlevania: Lord of Shadows developer MercurySteam has finally announced their new game, Raiders of the Broken Planet, after years of development. The game was originally teased in July of 2015,…


MercurySteam Dev Comments on Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2’s Problems

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 released earlier this week, to mixed reviews as the game’s metacritic score sits at a 62 at the time of writing. One of the people…