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metal wolf chaos xd review header

Metal Wolf Chaos XD Review – God Speed Mr. President

Coming to America has been a long road for Metal Wolf Chaos. Despite developers From Software designing the game with the US in mind, Chaos originally released only in Japan on…

battletech review

BattleTech Review – Turned Based Strategy We’ve Always Dreamed Of

BattleTech has a huge history in terms of tabletop gaming and video games. Starting life on the tabletop in 1984 as a wargame, it has been transferred across nearly every…

Nutaku Battle Girls Dharker Studio Erotic Visual Novel

Nutaku Launches Erotic Visual Novel Battle Girls On Storefront

Adult gaming website Nutaku has announced one of the newest games to join its immense erotic line-up – Battle Girls, a mech-themed visual novel from the United Kingdoms-based Dharker Studio. Dharker…

Brigador Featured Image

Brigador Preview – Isometric Bitmap Mecha Carnage

Brigador is a fun time.  Stellar Jockeys are building a piece of textbook neostalgia.  This game is a neon rainbow layer cake of elements of 90s beloved classic games. Here’s…

heavy gear top

Heavy Gear Assault – Aiming for the eSports Market

Recently I spoke with John Nguyen of MekTek Studios and Stompy Bot about their current mech combat game, Heavy Gear Assault and ran through a quick demonstration of the game.

Project Nimbus

Project Nimbus Early Access Preview – A Mecha Dream

I’m going to freely admit, I’m not the most knowledgeable mecha fan in the world. While I certainly love giant robot combat, my experience really extends to a handful of…


Giant Manned Mech For Sale On Amazon Japan

Well, man not included. But have you ever wanted to fight in a giant mech like in the anime Evangelion, or Gundam Wings? Well, now that might be closer than…