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E3 2017 – Extinction Interview

Action games should be the purest expressions of gameplay available on the market. They are forged on dazzling combos and complex mechanics that have players stringing together attacks in one…

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Troll and I Review – I Feel Trolled

Some may remember the time of mid-tier games, games that weren’t indie but had bigger budgets and tried some unique ideas. We haven’t seen many of those lately, but Troll… BCEIgZG6O7c

Loading Human: Chapter 1 Review – VR Storytelling Done Right

Loading Human: Chapter 1 is the first of a series of games planned by developers Untold Games. Originally built with the Oculus Rift in mind this title has also been…

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Troll and I

Troll and I sees a boy named Otto on the run from a shadowy organization, teaming up with a mythical troll to try to stop them.

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Troll and I Coming to Consoles and PC Early Next Year

I’m always in the mood for something new, and it’s nice seeing a publisher who mostly focuses on mid-sized projects over big AAA games. Publisher Maximum Games announced Troll and…

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E3 2016 – Maximum Games Announces The Golf Club 2, Troll & I

Many publishers and developers use E3 to announce new games, and publisher Maximum Games is no different. At E3 this year, they announced two new games: The Golf Club 2…

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Alekhine’s Gun Review – Hitman Back In Time?

Hitman season is upon us; with the newest installment coming out soon, it should come to no surprise that we start seeing games pop up that look suspiciously close in…

Alekhines Gun

Cold War Spy Stealth Game Alekhine’s Gun Delayed to 2016

Maximum Games has announced that the development of their first new IP, Alekhine’s Gun, has been delayed from hitting shelves on November 10th until February 9th, 2016. Alekhine’s Gun is going to hit the…

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Relive the Cold War in Alekhine’s Gun

Maximum Games, a major publisher in the United States have decided to take on the development side and tackle some world history in their upcoming title, Alekhine’s Gun. The new game takes place…