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Max Payne Articles

Quantum Break Time Stop

Remedy Planning to Become a “Multi-Project” Developer

Max Payne and Alan Wake developer Remedy is making preparations to becoming a publicly traded company, stating their intent to double down on multiple projects simultaneously. The Finland-based development house states that they are…

Grand Theft Auto V Sale September 2016

Grand Theft Auto V Sale & Online Events For This Week

Rockstar Games’ titles including Grand Theft Auto V are on sale for the weekend according to a news post on Steam. Additionally, there are multiple sales and money-earning opportunities currently underway in Grand…

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Genre Advancing Shooters – Max Payne

Everyone who played third person shooters in the last decade or so is at least aware of the existence of the Max Payne franchise. Despite the fact that 4 years…

John Woo Stranglehold

Gaming Obscura: John Woo’s Stranglehold

Those who are fans of Hong Kong action cinema likely know director John Woo. Famous for his “gun-ballet” movies filled with tons of action, Mexican standoffs, and slow motion cinematography,…