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Next Up Hero Gameplay

Live, Die, and Live Again With Our Next Up Hero Beta Giveaway

Digital Continue debuted as a studio in May of 2017 by bringing Lock’s Quest off of the Nintendo DS and onto modern consoles. Originally developed by 5th Cell, the Scribblenauts studio where most…

battlerite deathstalker scorpion giveaway header

Battlerite Mass Giveaway – Deathstalker Scorpion Mount (500 Keys)

My friends, we’ve come to the last giveaway of 2017. Whether it was books or art prints, new indie games or old favorites, we’ve handed out a lot of fun…

INSIDIA Giveaway Header

INSIDIA Combat Starter Pack Mass Giveaway

If you’re a gamer who is somehow not playing Super Mario Odyssey, Wolfenstein II, or Assassin’s Creed: Origins today, then you’re in luck! TechRaptor has partnered with another up and coming Free to…

Hand of the Gods Mayan God Giveaway Console Beta

Hand of the Gods Console Beta Launch Mass Giveaway

October is here, and that means big games and big news. Our friends and perpetual giveaway partners at Hi-Rez have big news to share, as today marks the first day…