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Mass Effect 2 1920 x 1080 HD

Mass Effect 2

The second part of the acclaimed trilogy by BioWare, Mass Effect 2 has Commander Shepard fight the mysterious beings known as The Collectors, uncovering a massive plot by the Reapers…

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A Mass Effect Remaster May Be Coming

A remastered edition of the Mass Effect games may be on its way according to Game Informer. Countless game publishers are released remastered editions of their games. Among the more notable releases…

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Mass Effect, Trine And More Are Coming To Origin Access

I’ve been a subscriber to Origin Access, EA’s subscription serviced that gives you unlimited access to a few handpicked PC games for as long as your subscription runs, for quite…

Mass Effect Trilogy

Best Games of Gen 7 – The Mass Effect Trilogy

What can be said about Mass Effect? We are approaching nearly a decade since the first game was released on the Xbox 360, and in that time the Mass Effect…

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The Fallacy of Player Choice

Many reviewers, critics, and others in the gaming industry have for a long time hailed player choice as the one most important feature to any great game. The ability to…