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Mario Party 10 Articles

Nintendo Logo 2016

Wave Race 64, Mega Man X On VC, New Nintendo Selects

While Nintendo is focusing more on releases for their new NX console in 2017, things do continue to happen with their current systems, the Wii U, and the 3DS. A…

Mario Part 10 Header

Mario Party 10 Review – Losing friends and alienating people

There’s a good chance that you, dear reader, have heard of Mario Party, played Mario Party before, and have lost more than one friend over the course of playing a…

Mario Party 10 Bowser

Mario Party 10 Site Accidentally Shows 3 New Amiibo

Nintendo launched its Japanese Mario Party 10 site February 13, 2015, but seemed to forget some of the featured amiibo had yet to be announced. Images from the site for…

e3 Nintendo

E3 2014 – Mario Party 10

It seems Bowser is the new focus of the upcoming Mario Party game. This will be the first Wii U Mario Party game and will also feature interactivity with the…