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Super Mario Maker Update to Add Checkpoints and Other Features

Super Mario Maker has achieved the popularity that is to be expected of a Mario game, with over 3 million player-created levels being created and uploaded since its release in…


Predicting E3 2015 – Nintendo

Nintendo has always been one of the most impressive presenters at E3, though it’s not too hard for the gaming giant to leave their mark at the expo. Don’t let…

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Nintendo E3 2014 Press Conference Recap

From hilarious Robot Chicken styled skits, to a glorious fight scene between Nintendo reps Reggie and Satoru, Nintendo’s press conference definitely hooked in watchers from the beginning and showed that…

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E3 2014 – Mario Maker

A Mario level creator called Mario Maker was announced at Nintendo’s E3 2014 Press Conference. This allows users to create and play a level of Mario on the fly.