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MangaGamer’s New Lineup

MangaGamer has a long list of announcements at this summer’s Anime Expo in LA. Five new acquisitions have been revealed for the English translated visual novel site. MangaGamer has also…

Manga Gamer Sorry

MangaGamer’s Store Back Up, Tokyo Babel Pre-Orders Announced

A few weeks ago, we reported that MangaGamer, a small studio that translates and releases visual novels ranging from teen reading to adult erotic titles (though mostly the latter), had…

Manga Gamer Sorry

MangaGamer breaks up with Winged Cloud

MangaGamer announced on Febryary 19, 2016 that they will no longer be publishing games from developer Winged Cloud. MangaGamer has been publishing Japanese visual novels for English speaking audiences since…

Manga Gamer Sorry

Grey Market Forces MangaGamer To Take Down Payment Processor

The grey market for Steam keys can be seen as a way to get your favorite games for a virtual steal, but as anyone that knows the industry can tell…

Kindred Spirits Title e1441148800607

Steam Allowing Some Uncensored With Kindred Spirits on the Roof

In a move that may shock many, MangaGamer sent out a press release stating Steam will be releasing their upcoming lesbian centered title Kindred Spirits on the Roof completely uncensored.…