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2016 Macbook Pro Family

Apple Launches 2016 Macbook Pro Line

Apple has the first major update to its Macbook Pro line since 2012. The new models feature a new, smaller body, less weight, and less bezel. Internally, these new models…


Apple Refreshes Macbook and Macbook Air

After being leaked by an OS X Server update, Apple has officially launched the second generation Macbook. The second generation uses the largely the same chassis design and the same…

New MacBook gold

Apple’s new MacBook is super-thin and gorgeous, but at a cost

While you’d think the biggest announcement to come out of yesterday’s event would be the Apple Watch, it was really the new super-thin MacBook that was shown off. The new gold…

OSX Yosemite e1401730547868

What’s the future of OS X? Yosemite.

Officially being announced as OX “Yosemite,” the updated version of Mavericks is sporting a new, clean, and simpler look. 

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Macbook Air 2013 Review Part I

New laptops are always fun, and Apple is one of the first to market with Intel’s newest Haswell architecture. Intel has promised large gains in battery life with Haswell, which…