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2017 03 02

PlayStation Plus March 2017 Games Include Tearing, Severing, and Jamming

Another month, another six games are added to PlayStation Plus. I feel like I don’t need more of an intro than that. Check out the Playstation Plus March 2017 games…

Lumo Main 2

Lumo Review – The Past Meets the Future

Triple Eh?’s promise of creating the “rebirth of a genre” with Lumo seems ambitious to say the least. Many modern titles such as Shovel Knight have been successful reminders of…

Lumo Main 2

Lumo First Impressions- The Isometric Platformer Is Back

It is easy to compare Lumo’s components to any adventure game, especially those of the isometric genre that inspire so many of its elements. But my brief experience with Triple…

Lumo Lift Featured

Products to watch – Lumo Lift: Improve your posture

Lumo BodyTech is a company that is out to improve your health in many different ways, offering products aimed at people who are looking to both improve their health as…