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Lost Dimension Red Orb

Find Traitors and Battle Evil in Lost Dimensions on PC This Month

The Steam version of Lost Dimension will be released on October 30, 2017, according to a blog post on publisher Ghostlight’s website. Lost Dimension is all about a bunch of psychics…

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Ghostlight Bringing JRPG Lost Dimension to PC

British publisher Ghostlight is bringing tactical Japanese RPG Lost Dimension to PC for Western audiences. The publisher is working with FURYU Corporation to convert and publish the game later this…

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Lost Dimension Review – Out Of This World

During this year’s escapades at E3, we got the chance to try out a bunch of ATLUS’s offerings at their booth, and although games such as Etrian Odyysey 2 Untold:…

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Microtransactions, Release Details Announced for Lost Dimension

Today Atlus has confirmed various details regarding the launch of the previously announced PS3/Vita Tactical RPG Lost Dimension; including the release date, details regarding pre-order bonuses (along with some questionable…

Lost Dimension Screenshot Combat

Atlus announces American release of Lost Dimension for PlayStation 3, Vita

Atlus USA has announced that Japanese tactical RPG Lost Dimension will be coming to America for the PlayStation 3 and Sony Vita this summer. Created by Japanese developer Lancarse (Shin Megami…