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Junkrat Lootbox

How Effective Would Hawaii’s New Loot Box Law Be?

Hawaii state Representative Chris Lee may be many things, but he certainly is a man of his word when it comes to tackling loot boxes in games. As of February…

metal gear survive logo

Metal Gear Survive To Have No Loot Boxes Or Pay To Win

Metal Gear Survive producer Yuji Korekado has opened up regarding some confusion surrounding the upcoming spin-off game. A recent interview published by the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (issue 145, February 2018)…

Counter Strike Global Offensive Weapon Cases

Danish Gambling Authority: Loot Boxes Can Be Gambling If Items Can Be Traded

The Danish Gambling Authority has stated that loot boxes can be gambling in certain situations according to a statement on the agency’s website [Danish]. Using Google Translate, we’ve gone over…

Star Wars Humble Bundle 3

The Dark Side Of Letting Politicians Regulate Games Like Star Wars Battlefront 2

With all the controversy that Star Wars Battlefront 2 stirred up, it was only a matter of time before the powers that be took notice. Sure enough, Belgium launched an…

real life loot box raptor 6

6 of the Worst Real Life Places To Have Loot Boxes

As annoying as loot boxes may be, at the very least we can be thankful that this new form of nickel and diming is limited to the world of video…

overwatch loot box

Overwatch Loot Box Drop Rates Revealed: What Does It Mean For You?

Thanks to China’s recently implemented “Loot Box” law, which essentially mandates that every game that is sold in the country has to disclose the drop rates of purchasable reward items…