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Rumor: Fable to Return, Says Eurogamer

As reported by Eurogamer, a big-budget Fable title is in the works. Microsoft has tasked UK Developer Playground, makers of the Forza Horizon series with the creation of a new…

Fable Legends

The Fable Legends Story

The saga of Lionhead Studios is certainly an interesting one, in particular the near 20 year history of the company to contend with. Recently, Eurogamer did an exclusive article on Lionhead…

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Lionhead’s Legacy – The Movies

So Microsoft has officially closed down Lionhead Studios. Depending on your age, the Lionhead name may not carry the same weight as our childhood friend LucasArts, but their legacy is one…


Lionhead Studios Closes Its Doors

Fabled developer Lionhead, longtime host to Peter Molyneux, inheritor to Bullfrog, and progenitor of Black & White, is officially closing for good today, after owner Microsoft was unable to find a…

Fable Legends

Fable Legends’ Microtransaction Structure Leaks

Today in a post on Reddit’s r/gaming subreddit, the microtransaction structure for Fable Legends was revealed to the public. Fable Legends is the next title in the Fable series from…