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EXCEED Season 2 Boxes

Crowdfunding Spotlight: EXCEED Season 2

Dueling card games have been around for a while, and while Magic: The Gathering may still be king, an awful lot of competitors have entered the fray. EXCEED had a successful Kickstarter in September…

Millennium Blades Header 2

Crowdfunding Spotlight – Millennium Blades Reprint and New Expansions

Millennium Blades is one of the best games that I’ve played this year, and one of my personal favorite games ever. Level 99 Games has just launched a new Kickstarter for…

Millennium Blades Header 2

Millennium Blades Review: Brilliant, Demanding, Glorious Monster

Before board gaming became my drug … er … hobby of choice, I used to play Magic: The Gathering. I really enjoyed playing the game, but cracking open packs, and…

Disc Duelers Header

Disc Duelers Review – Gatling Guns and Tacos

I zigged and zagged my last living character across the tabletop, deftly avoiding the bullets being sprayed from my opponent’s Gatling Gun wielding character. Using the terrain that had been…

Noir Black Box Edition Header

Noir: Black Box Edition — Deductive Flexibility

I thought I had her pegged. She’d been elusive up to this point, slipping in amongst the other suspects and eliminating them one at a time. I’d thought for sure…

SellSwords Header

Sellswords Review — I’ll Flip Ya For Real

Long before I became enamored with the dice and cardboard infused world of board gaming, I spent countless hours of my youth playing video games in the Final Fantasy series.…