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E3 2016 PC Gamer Preview Image

PC Gaming Show 2016 – Oxygen Not Included Announced

Klei Entertainment, developers of Don’t Starve, had an announcement trailer for their new title Oxygen Not Included today at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2016.  No additional information was given but…

shoestring gaming

Shoestring Gaming – Make a Fallout Mod Where Dogmeat is a Goat

Hello everyone, and if you’re reading this, I am currently hiding in a bunker from the radiation spread over the land known as Fallout 4. It has already claimed the lives…

invisible inc splash

Invisible, Inc. Review — Clandestination Unknown

My third play-through attempt of Invisible, Inc. has just taken a turn for the worst. Nika Muratova, my best agent, is dead and I’m the one who killed her. Sure, the…