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Kingdom Hearts III Shows Off Big Hero 6, Announces Kingdom Hearts VR Experience

Ahead of Tokyo Game Show, Sony showcased a pair of new trailers for Kingdom Hearts III‘s Big Hero 6 and a previously unannounced “VR experience.” Big Hero 6 was first mentioned over three years…

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Square Enix Say Kingdom Hearts III Story Will Take Over 40 Hours

Long-awaited action RPG Kingdom Hearts 3 will supposedly take over 40 hours to complete. If this figure is correct, then Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the longest game in the series by quite some…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Announced

The list of “Video Games That May Never Actually Release” has just lost one of its most prominent members. Kingdom Hearts 3 has just announced a release date of January…

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Predicting E3 2018: Square Enix

Square Enix is known for many, many games nowadays. They have a treasure trove of IPs at their disposal, and many of them are world-renowned. Square Enix opted to skip…

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Kingdom Hearts III D23 Trailer – Toy Story World and Release Window Revealed

After the recent release of the Kingdom Hearts III Orchestra Trailer, fans have been waiting for the next trailer and the announcement of a new world, promised and finally unveiled…

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New Kingdom Hearts Trailer Shows New Story Aspects

Last night via the Kingdom Hearts YouTube account a new trailer was released for Kingdom Hearts III, a game that fans of the series have been waiting a long time for.…


Kingdom Hearts 3 And Final Fantasy VII Remake Due Within Three Years

It’s only reasonable to expect that Final Fantasy VII Remake would have a long window of time until a solid release date is announced. It appeared during E3 2015, so Kingdom Hearts… sCpRhO1Wus4

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance – What Worked And What Didn’t?

Ten Years after Kingdom Hearts’original release Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance was released for the Nintendo 3DS—today marking its 5th anniversary. This was the first time that a Kingdom Hearts…

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15th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts – Stumbling On Gold

15 Years ago today PlayStation 2 players were able to go out and buy Kingdom Hearts for the first time. This game developed due to a partnership between Square Enix…

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Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] Announced As Next Evolution of Unchained χ

Kingdom Hearts χ has had a long journey from its beginnings as a Japanese browser game simply titled Kingdom Hearts χ, to a worldwide mobile game for iOS and Android called Kingdom Hearts…