Killer Instinct Season 3 Articles

Killer Instinct Eyedol Joins Roster

Eyedol Joins the Killer Instinct Roster

During the 2016 iteration of the Evolution Championship Series, the official Killer Instinct Twitter account released a trailer for the final Season Three fighter. Eyedol, the fearsome twin-headed demon from…

General Raam Header

Microsoft E3 2016 – Killer Instinct

Rukari Austin, Community Manager for killer Instinct, took to the stage to thank all the players and announce the new character for Killer Instinct, General RAAM. In the trailer they…

Killer Instinct Arbiter

Killer Instinct Shows off Kim Wu, Teases Halo’s Arbiter

Back in the days of Killer Instinct 2, we were introduced to Kim Wu, a stoic guardian of her people’s nation appointed by fate to battle Gargos. Now she’s back for…