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Report: nVidia To Announce Pascal At Computex

TechPowerup is reporting that nVidia will unveil it’s much anticipated Pascal architecture at Computex 2016. Pascal is the successor to the Maxwell architecture found in the GTX 900-series cards. The largest…

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NASA Discovers Earth’s Bigger, Older Cousin

NASA announced the discovery of 12 new habitable zone planets, including one identified as Earth’s “bigger, older cousin” on July 23, 2015. NASA’s Kepler mission is responsible for the discovery…


Nvidia’s new “shadowplay” technology enters beta stage

Last week, the latest GeForce update (1.7) saw the delivery of shadowplay to all Kepler owners. This new media focused feature allows gamers to capture and save moments that they…

Geforce Graphics Card

Nvidia rebuttals against AMD’s recent market takeover

Visit any builder’s forum last week, and you would have noticed an abundance of AMD GPUs, and rightly so really. AMD’s new Hawaii cards have turned the graphics card industry…