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project highrise architects edition

Project Highrise – Architect’s Edition Brings Tower Building To Consoles This Fall

Whether you’re an old school SimTower player or a fan of the newer takes on the genre, Project Highrise – Architect’s Edition will have something you’ll probably like. Console players will be…

Sudden Strike 4 Review Header

Sudden Strike 4 Provisional Review – Sudden Glitch

Another review, another confession: I love controllers. It’s well known among the TechRaptor staff that if a game lacks controller support, I’ll probably pass on it for that reason alone.…

Tropico 6 Header

PlayStation E3 2017 – Tropico 6

Continuing reveals in the PlayStation E3 preshow, Sony revealed the new and upcoming Tropico 6 game from Kalypso and Limbic Entertainment. The announcement was dominated largely by the new trailer that they…

2016 12 18 2

Sudden Strike 4

The fourth entry into the popular classic World War 2 RTS game, Sudden Strike 4 brings the series back to PC and PlayStation 4.