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Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point Delayed Until September

Phoenix Point was first teased on Twitter by X-COM creator Julian Gollop in March 2016 and a year later a crowdfunding campaign raised $765,948 in June 2017 to help support the project. This Tuesday, Gollop…

Phoenix Point Banner

Original X-Com Creator working on new ‘Phoenix Point’ Title

It’s a good day to be alive if you still wax nostalgic for the 1994 PC/PS1 strategy game X-Com: Enemy Unknown (X-Com: UFO Defense for North America). The game is…

ChaosReborn Splash

Chaos Reborn Preview – Insert Clever Pun Here

Chaos Reborn is one of those games that has a title uniquely suited to it—the gameplay is nothing if not chaotic, and it is a remake of the classic Chaos, thus…