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steamwatch 30 12 2017

SteamWatch – A Steam Retrospective

Valve’s Steam platform has been able to successfully stand as one of the pioneers of PC gaming ever since its launch in 2003., presenting itself as one of the easiest…

Greenwatch Header

GreenWatch 22/05/2017 – Digital Homicide Return, Lord Kres, Fur Fun and more!

For those discovering GreenWatch for the first time, GreenWatch is an ongoing series held on both TechRaptor and Digital Homicides covering anything going on with developers/groups/users in the Steam/Steam Greenlight…

Journey Of The Light

Steam Offers Unconditional Refunds For Journey Of The Light Amidst Possible Scam

Journey of the Light claims to be one of the hardest puzzles on Steam, but the real puzzle has left buyers asking where the game is.┬áThe description for the game…