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John Romero Quake multiplayer

John Romero Refutes Tim Willits with the Real History of Multiplayer Only Maps

In a recent blog post, John Romero has refuted claims made by Tim Willits that he invented the idea of mulitplayer-only maps during his work on Quake. The claims were…

DOOM Original Box Art

John Romero Reveals DOOM Guy Box Art Model

John Romero, an industry legend who was involved in classic games like DOOM, Wolfenstein 3D, Hexen, and many others, has revealed the model behind the DOOM Guy box art according to a post…

Gunman Header

Gunman Taco Truck Review: ¡Òrale Vato!

When I first heard about Gunman Taco Truck, I immediately wanted to try it. Much of the pre-release media from Romero Games focused on the fact that the game was designed…


Brenda and John Romero Talk Blackroom, VR, and Gunman Taco Truck

In the next in our series of interviews from the Yorkshire Games Festival, TechRaptor’s Dom O’Leary speaks to two legends of the industry: John Romero and his fellow games designer,…

yorkshire games festival header 1

Yorkshire Games Festival 2016: Full Lineup Preview

You might not have heard of the Yorkshire Games Festival, as this year marks the debut of the event after all. So what is it all about, I hear you…


John Romero Makes New Doom Level For the First Time In 21 Years

In what feels like a sudden transport back to gaming’s infancy, Doom mastermind John Romero announced via Twitter that he has made the first Doom level in over 21 years.…