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The Crew Calling All Units 6

Ubisoft’s The Crew Reaches 10 Million Players

It might not be the most popular racing game you’ve ever seen, but the Ivory Towers-developed and Ubisoft-published open-world racing game The Crew has managed to attract 10 million players in the…

The Crew Logo

The Crew is Ubisoft’s Next Free Ubi30 Game

After giving away Prince of Persia, the very first Splinter Cell and the rather excellent Rayman Origins, Ubisoft have announced that the third game in the 30 Year Anniversary of the French game…

The Crew Wild Run Logo

New Patch Adds New Challenge and Photo Mode to The Crew: Wild Run

The first major content patch after Ivory Towers implemented the Wild Run expansion to their racing MMO The Crew will be released soon, and will add a few new goodies in addition to…