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r type dimensions pc switch

R-Type Dimensions Coming to Switch, PC Later This Year

Tozai Games announced that classic sidescrolling shooter R-Type Dimensions will come to both Switch and PC sometime later this year. The Switch and PC versions of R-Type Dimensions come with two…

Retro Bit Generations Header

Retro-Bit Generations Plug and Play Console Coming This Fall

The popularity of the NES Classic Edition announcement has brought about a surge in marketing from other retro-console manufacturers. Sega is re-releasing their Mega Drive Classic Game Console in partnership with At…

Ninja Baseball Bat Man Cabinet

Gaming Obscura: Ninja Baseball Bat Man

Just imagine, if you will, that you are a baseball bat wielding Ninja fighting hordes of living baseballs, catcher’s mitts, mafia dogs, and playing cards across the United States to…