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Humble Game Maker Bundle

Humble GameMaker Bundle Provides Engine and 9 Games

If you’ve ever thought about looking at making games or wondered what games an engine helps make, the Humble GameMaker Bundle might just be for you. This bundle is all…

Humble Bundle Logo

Humble Bundle GameMaker Encourages Game Creation

Most Humble Bundles include a set of games for a price you want to pay. The Humble GameMaker Bundle certainly has some games, but its real focus is on GameMaker…

jack be nimble

Screenshot Survey: Copters and Cavemen

Welcome to the Screenshot Survey, where we’re closing out September with some club wielding cavemen, some boosting helicopters, and even more games deriving from Castlevania. We’ve hit a bit of…

e3 Nintendo

E3 2014- Splatoon

Apparently, the main idea of Spitoon is transforming between people and squids… It’s a strange game. This multiplayer title is all about shooting¬†your friends with ink/paint (they used the two…