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Ingress Launches Operation Portal Recon Closed Beta

Niantic, Inc. has released Operation Portal Recon in a closed beta for its mobile augmented-realty game Ingress as reported by TechCrunch. Operation Portal Recon is a hub through which players will be…

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Pokemon GO Terms Limit Arbitration Clause, How to Opt Out

Pokemon GO is the most popular thing out right now, if you have somehow managed to avoid it for the past week. The safety and risks associated have been a hot…

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Even More Info Leaked about Upcoming Pokemon GO

The anticipated mobile augmented reality title Pokemon GO‘s field test is well under way in Japan, and the dedicated folks over at /r/TheSilphRoad have revealed even more about the tests including some…

Pokemon GO Title e1441896591303

Pokemon GO Field Testers Reveal Data Mined Info

A recent Japanese field test by Niantic, the company behind Ingress and the highly anticipated Pokémon GO, allowed a lucky few in Japan to try out the mobile game for the first time.…