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Indie Interview Ska Studios

Indie Interview: Ska Studios

While I was at PAX West, I stopped at the Ska Studios booth at the end of the day to chat with James and Michelle about Salt and Sanctuary, their…


Indie Interview – Digital Sun Talks Moonlighter

I’m always intrigued by interesting ideas in games, especially indie games. From the brutal, black and white simplicity of Limbo to the zany, absurd story of Hell Yeah!, I often enjoy an indie…

Arrow Heads Header

Hands on with Arrow Heads at EGLX 2016

At EGLX I was pretty busy watching eSports events, conducting interviews, attending panels, buying swag. When the weekend ended, the only thing I wanted to go back to was Arrow Heads, and…

tower 57 screen

Tower 57 a Pixel Art Twin Stick Shooter Comes to Kickstarter

The internet is not short of game dev projects coming to KickStarter and Steam Greenlight, but there was something about Tower 57 which grabbed TechRaptor’s attention. And we’re not the…

nick robalik sombrero interview1

Indie Interview – Nick Robalik on Sombrero

Nick Robalik is an indie video game developer and owner of PixelMetal. His game Sombrero is a competitive local multiplayer game with a Spaghetti Western theme and is currently in…

season of the wolf

Indie Interview – Winter Wolves on Seasons of the Wolf

Techraptor is pleased to bring you another Indie interview – this time from Riva Celso at Winter Wolves. Winter Wolves is known for their work on Visual Novels in general and…