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Weekly Respawn PinsofInterview

The Weekly Respawn 016 – #PinsofInterview

Welcome to TechRaptor’s Weekly Respawn, a podcast dedicated to gaming and technology. Each week, we’ll respawn with a brand new cast to talk about relevant topics and products. This week,…

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Allegations of Improper Relationships between IGF Chairman Brandon Boyer and Indie Dev Steph Thirion

A few days ago, TechRaptor released our interview with former gaming journalist Allistair Pinsof and to say we had a great community response would be underplaying the impact the interview…

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IGF Finalists Announced

The Independent Games Festival recently announced the finalists for its 2015 competition. The complete list of IGF finalists are at the bottom. Of particular interest is the game 80 DAYS…

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The lack of integrity and poor management of the IGF

In a podcast, the HAWPcast, 1.5 years ago the creators of Super Meat Boy discussed many things but spent a great deal of time discussing their experience with the Independent…