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Apple Planning Security Improvements Due to Legal Battle with FBI

As a result of the ongoing legal battle with the FBI, Apple has plans to develop new security measures for the iPhone. The major security flaw in this case is…


Apple Spending Billions on Cloud Infrastructure

Apple is planning a massive upgrade to its infrastructure so it can meet the growing demand for its Cloud services. This new initiative is no doubt connected to the recent…

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iCloud allegedly attacked by the Chinese state.

The cloud revolution was announced, then it came, and according to some people, it is long behind us. Not because it failed or course, but because it was so successful.…

J. Lawrence

Massive iCloud Exploit Causes Celebrity Nudes to Leak ( and How You Can Avoid the Same )

Yesterday, a plethora of nude celebrity photos were leaked online by an anonymous poster on 4chan. The photos, saved to iCloud through their iPhones, include big name actresses like Jennifer…