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GamesRepublic Journal

Games Republic Journal #1: New Releases at Special Prices!

Howdy TechRaptor users, Tomasz Miecznikowski from team here. Our friends at TechRaptor were so kind to let us post here from time to time and let you know about…


Goat Simulator and I Am Bread Devs Team Up For GoatBread

Because a good joke just ain’t the same if it isn’t milked for all it’s worth, the creators of chaotic physics fest Goat Simulator and healthy breakfast sim I am Bread are teaming…

IAm Bread 4

I Am Bread Review

I Am Bread is in many ways a spiritual successor to Surgeon Simulator, both games created by Bossa Studios. But where Surgeon Simulator created an engaging an interesting experience by…


Shoestring Gaming – 12/03/2014

Black Friday sales are over and we’ve now entered the last month of the year and with each new week there’s a new Shoestring gaming for you to help you…

I am Bread

Surgeon Simulator Developer’s Next Game, I am Bread

Bossa Studios the creators of Surgeon Simulator have announced their next game, I am Bread. As the name suggests you will be playing as… bread. The game was announced on twitter…