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Humble Trove Adds DRM-Free Game Library to Humble Monthly

Humble have joined Xbox and EA in offering an all you can play subscription service. Starting today, Humble Monthly subscribers have access to the Humble Trove, which is a collection of…


Humble Monthly Heads Inside and Gets Rude in May

For $12 a month you can sign up for the Humble Monthly Bundle, which delivers a pack of games to you on the first Friday of every month. For the…

X COM UFO Defense Earth

Humble Bundle Giving Away X-COM: UFO Defense; Other Deals Abound

If you’re down for a bit of classic Nintendo Hard gaming, you might be interested to hear that Humble Bundle is currently giving away X-COM: UFO Defense completely for free – no…

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April’s Humble Monthly Bundle Releases, First Game of May’s Bundle Revealed

The first Friday of every month sees the release of the Humble Monthly Bundle, a subscription service by Humble Bundle which sees users subscribe for $12 a month for between…